Estefanía Andrea Nova Lamperti

Publicado el: 24 julio, 2017

Chile | United-Kingdom



  • Academic Position: Assistant Professor
  • Laboratory: Molecular & Translational Immunology
  • Department: Clinical Biochemistry and & Immunology
  • Email:
  • Phone: +56 41-220.3167
  • Degree: Biochemist, University of Concepcion
  • Post Graduate Degree: PhD in Immunology, King’s College London


Estefania Nova-Lamperti obtained a BSc in Biochemistry at University of Concepcion in 2007 and her Professional Degree in Biochemistry in 2009, after developing a 2-years research project at University of los Andes, Chile under the supervision of Dr. Flavio Carrión. In 2008, she obtained a governmental CONICYT PhD Scholarship and the following year she started her PhD in Immunology in Prof. Graham Lord’s lab under the supervision of Dr. Maria Hernandez-Fuentes and Prof. Giovanna Lombardi at King’s College London. She obtained her PhD in March 2014 entitled “The role of transitional B cells in kidney transplantation tolerance”. After that, she worked as a post-graduate research assistant in the Flow cytometry laboratory at Guy’s Hospital (Biomedical Research Council) under the supervision of Dr. Susanne Heck and then as a postdoctoral research assistant under the supervision of Dr Behdad Afzali and Prof Giovanna Lombardi at King’s College London. In 2014 she obtained an International Post-Doctoral Fellowship to work on the functional characterisation of the E3-ubiquitin Ligase RNF144A in human CD4+ T cells under the supervision of Dr. Susan John from the Division of Immunology, Infection & Inflammatory Diseases. In 2016 she leaded a project focused on characterising the role of T helper like Tregs in tumours from patients with melanoma and colorectal cancer. In addition, she was the Flow Cytometry Manager in the Medical Research Centre for Transplantation for three years. In 2017 she returned to Chile to be part of the Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology Department and she is currently studying the immune system in cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Publications (last 5 years)

  • Nova-Lamperti E. et al,. Reduced TCR-signalling contributes to impaired Th17-responses in tolerant kidney transplant recipients.
    Under Review


  • Halim L. et al
    An atlas of human regulatory T-helper-like cell reveals complementary cellular responses in Th2-like Tregs, contributing to a tumorigenic environment
    Cell Reports


  • Nova-Lamperti E. et al Increased CD40 Ligation and Reduced BCR Signalling Leads to Higher IL-10 Production in B cells from Tolerant Kidney Transplant Patients.









Book Chapters

  • Estefania Nova-Lamperti, Felipe Zuñiga, Valeska Ormazabal, Carlos Escudero and Claudio Aguayo
    Vascular regeneration by endothelial progenitor cells in health and diseases
    InTechOpen, Published on: 2016-10-26

Public Engagement